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My artistic path has brought me to many places over the past decade. I followed courses and workshops, set up my own projects and participated in projects of others.
The red thread in all of this? Fantastic teachers. The urge to grow. And, of course, spirit.

Being inspired to make art, touching others in their soul and collectively creating meaning in a world that yearns for beauty, grace, catharsis, delight, connection, light ... I can't imagine a nicer, more fulfilling and nourishing activity.
In addition to my own projects, I sometimes also participate in projects of others. Are you looking for a director, writer, singer-songwriter, ...?

Feel free to contact me. 

“Make the most beautiful thing you can. Try to do that every day. That's it. ” 

Laurie AndersonArtist & Musician

It was fantastic to work on those black holes with you !! Thank you very much for that! We witnessed a drive here we've never seen before! People have outdone themselves one by one!

Koen Daems
Den Teirling


Partenaires Silencieux

The sequel of Silence Complice 2.0. Two actors play two downtrodden characters, a bunch of Brussels citizens is right there with them.

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Cie Tisserin

Founded in 2015 in collaboration with Stéphane Brodzki. We create professional theater with a socio-cultural dimension. In addition, 6 times a year we program concerts  in our living room.
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Silence Complice 2.0

A theater project by Cie Tisserin: the production of the piece Silence Complice in combination with an innovative social project.

Staging, Communication & Production.
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Multilingual Cabaret-Theater Project in collaboration withMasereelfonds & GC Elzenhof. Premiere scheduled for early February 2021 in the Mercelistheater in Ixelles.

Staging & Animation Workshops.
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Zwarte gaten
Trous noirs

Multilingual theater project in collaboration with den Teirling, a daytime activity center for people with a psychological vulnerability. Premiere on February 21, 2020 at the Mercelistheater in Ixelles.

Text, Staging & Animation Workshops.
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During one of the workshops Clowning I took at Studio Chekhov  my clown Guh-Ug was born. My clown. The start of a fascinating journey, destination unknown and not important. Together with fellow clown Lisou de Henau I provide workshops in organizations, under the title: 'The wisdom of your clown'.  Download the brochure


Coupe Variee

Project in collaboration with five other singers from the workshops of the fantastic singing coach Martine Reyners.  Every year Coupe Variee organizes a living room concert. Editions 2019 & 2020 were a resounding success!

Staging, Presentation & Singing.


A woman is getting ready to go to her father's birthday party. Her cat is missing, her outfit a disaster and her gift uninspired. Kronkels, a musical monologue with a comic note about growing up when you are an adult, premiered in May 2019. Staging: Bie Borms.

Text & Acting.


Theater project in collaboration with company Kollektief Ofzo. Created in and thanks to Zinnema, with the support of CGG Lila, a Brussels organization active in mental health care. A performance about vulnerability, loneliness, about 'looking hard, but not seeing anyone.'

Text & Staging.

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