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Clown @ work

End of June 2019 I co-hosted a practitioners gathering at the EC in Brussels.
My main role was inviting in artistry through different ways of creative harvesting, together with my co-hosts and participants.
Out came the poems, the drawings, a song and… Guh-Ug, my clown.

Inviting in the clown means opening doors to joyful openness, connection through laughter and the possibility to acknowledge the elephants in the room. It’s wisdom delivered in a surprising way. (Guh-Ug is, even for me, respectfully unpredictable :-))

As someone said when checking out on the last day:
“If only there could be a clown in every meeting…”

There is a lot of “uncontained clowning” going on in teams and organisations. Unacknowledged points of view turning into unrespectful jokes, cynical comments, disconnected disruption. Seeing, understanding, owning the role of the clown in you, in the team, in the system, can free up much needed space for collaboration and new stories.

Guh-Ug is more than happy to join your next gathering. And a workshop on clowning is only an email away.

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