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Enters… my clown

In september I followed a training on Clowning. An unforgettable experience, and definitely not my last encounter with this incredibly fascinating world.

At some point my clown took my Ukulele and sang a song. All the other clowns loved it, except for one. My creative expression was met with total approval and total dislike all at once. What my clown did amazed me: she did not cry for one second over the dissaproval. And, what’s even more amazing: she didn’t care that much about the approval either. She just kept singing her song because she wanted to sing her song.

My clown taught me so many things, about saying yes, about allowing, about opening space for what happens. She was young and wise at the same time. Wonder and wisdom in one.

A deep bow for the world of clowns, as well as for our excellent guides Marjolein Baars, Nathalie Yalon and Lennert Vandenbrouck. Check out Studio Mickael Chekhov for more information on Clowning by using the Chekhov Method.

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