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Even If

I wrote this poem during a day long webinar on Flow Speaking with the amazing Dave Rock and a bunch of lovely and inspiring co-participants. Please check Dave out, he’s a fabulous and liberating guide in the land of speaking and writing.

Even if I was all alone,
even if you couldn’t hear me
or didn’t give a damn,
I would sing.
I would sing a song of praise
for you and your spirit.
I would let every sound
soak in a bath of truth
and kiss it so abundantly
that you would feel its warm embrace
from afar. E-ve-ry Sound.
I would whisper to you like a river,
a free flowing mirror asking you 
to fall in love with yourself
all over again,
I would speak to you like a tree,
a force of nature, urging you
to stop destroying and start enjoying
the tender, feeling, fierce and frivolous wonder 
of bones, tissue and thoughts that you are.
I would reach out to you like fire,
bright and wild, fearlessly
bringing light to the shadows
you’re so desperately trying to hide.
I would tell you about 
the heartbreak of loss, 
of separation,
of empty chairs.
And then I would start laughing
laughing, laughing, 
until you get the joke,
and feel as relieved as I do:
you and me, we are not alone.
We are one.

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