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All we can be – een muzikale oogst

aka Gopa’s Soup and Salad Song

Muziek en teksten geschreven door Stien Michiels, tijdens een AoPL training @ Gopa Com., gebaseerd op woorden en bijdragen van de deelnemers, 11/01/2019 – gefilmd door Linda Joy Mitchell

75/5000 Er was geen tijd voor repetitie, alvast dank voor het milde accepteren van mijn bloopers 🙂

To be the best “How” we can be We need a heart that’s on fire A brain that is clear About our common desire We need our ears and eyes to open to welcome the new And a shoulder to carry each other through Refrain: I will trust you Will you trust me It’s the only way to talk and find the questions that will help to set us free I will trust you Will you trust me It’s the only way to walk into a future that can hold all we can be

To the best “How” we can be We need to listen with care appreciate and share all the good things we have done. We take our expertise and tools and our milestones in our hand Hear the wind of passion blow We set sail to client land


Of course there will be days when the chamos prevails And order retreats into control Just remember to be brave and get your head out of your mails find some vegetables, and some fruits to cook a bowl!  Refrain

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