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The Embodiment Conference: Poëtische Observaties

Van 14 tot 25 oktober volg ik online verschillende webinars in het kader van The Embodiment Conference. Wanneer de muze het wil, verwerk ik mijn indrukken in een poëtische of muzikale observatie.

Delen mag, ik vertrouw erop dat je mijn naam en website vermeldt.
Organiseer je zelf een webinar of conferentie? Een poëtische observator brengt extra diepgang, kleur, embodiment en beweging
! Contacteer me gerust voor een vrijblijvend gesprek.

inspired by 
Margaret WheatleyWho Do We Choose to Be
@ The Embodiment Conference 

The hardest thing 

It might be 
the hardest thing to do,
opening after heart break,
standing with despair,
being present beyond anger.

It might be
the only thing to do
grounding yourself where you are,
witnessing with compassion,
discerning beyond fixing,
dedicating yourself
to become
the rare one,
the brave one,
not searching for your purpose
but aspiring to serve.

it might be 
the first thing to do,
to remember, to integrate
the finest expression of your humanity
as the gift others need you to be. 

inspired by The Poetry Panel (Dr. Bayo Akomolafe, Brooke McNamara, Alfred K. LaMotte, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer)
@ The Embodiment Conference 

Be ready

Thus spoke the muse:
– as once again I came knocking on her door,
unsure, confused. Was she asleep, was she waiting for me?

This is not a time to doubt,
to dally, saunter, stall, pull out.
This is a time 
to name those tears or be fear,
to breathe that truth or choke,
a time to fall right on the blade,
wake up when you’re slayed,
and keep on walking
that body mind of yours
between the blanks and the lines,
until bridges have been built
and the small has become big
and my blood has become your flesh
and not a single soul on earth 
has one word left to say 
that itches, touches, unsettles,
makes glitches, vows,
a disturbing sound
a way through, a grin, 
a sacrifice, a bound.

Until that day,
that day of truth,
that day when silence
finally finds its resting place, 
its one and only reason to be,
Until that day,
when you come knocking on my door
you better make sure it’s you
who’s bright awake
waiting for me. 

inspired by 
Julia Johannsen – Laugh yourself smart: Understanding and using laughter for happiness, creative thinking and bonding
@ The Embodiment Conference 

The sound of silence after laughter

As if I am larger 
than the room now,
larger than the house,
the city,
as if I am venturing out
like a river flowing
into a mindless sea.

As if I roam now
in wondrous fields
of silent joy
where light 
dances sadness,
the most delicate surrendering
seen in a long long time.

As if I am now
as if I am now
As if I am larger than Life now.

inspired by (and written during the webinar, just after the embodiment process)
Sian Palmer, Tanja Meyburgh – Ancestral Connections through Movement Therapy and Constellations
@ The Embodiment Conference 

Child of ours

Wiggling, giggling my way 
out of the Saturn box, 
a lineage of harsh and hard,
breathing, pushing,
welcoming and 
giving birth to 
beauty, laughter,
joy and sadness,
yes, to sadness too,
but not the cutting,
careless, rather the breaking
open, compassionate 
kind discernment of 
movements from the past, 
flowing into an ongoing
invitation, yes sweet child of ours,
breathe, dance, give,
yes, sweet child of ours,

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