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poetic observations


As an organizer of events, concerts and meetings, you are always looking for original, inspiring ways to reach the audience. I like to support you in this. I specialize in:

  • the presentation of cultural events and concerts (including any moderation, interviews and facilitation)
  • original angles and binding texts
  • poetic observations and artistic interventions during participatory meetings, if needed in combination with facilitating icebreakers.
  • NEW: poetic observations and artistic interventions in webinars. Read more 

Wisdom is poetry singing in the soul.

Khalil Gibranartist, poet & writer

THANK YOU³! An added value all the way through! Really classy!

Joris Olivier
Concertorganisator - Oekene Inviteert


Presentation of cultural events

Presentation, whether or not in combination with interviews, moderation and facilitation. Based on your input I prepare the texts, I contact any guest speakers, I come to any rehearsals and I take care of the presentation from A to Z.

A spectator once confided to me after a concert: "Normally I never listen to the presenter. But I didn't want to miss a word with you!"

A selection of the cultural events where I was responsible for (among other things) the presentation

Brass band Euterpe in Merksem
3 year concerts 2017, 2018, 2019.
An anniversary concert is planned for the end of 2020
City of Meise
Meise makes Music, 2019
Oekene Invites
Anniversary concert, 2019
Cabaret of Passion
Living room concert, 2019
Cabaret of Love
Living room concert, 2018

Poetic Observations: online and offline

Meetings and events, online and offline, often focus on people's mental and intellectual capacities. Poetic observations, stories and music create memorable moments that touch people. They inspire, value and connect and help participants to integrate insights, experiences and lessons.

What: I capture intangible and tangible elements of an event or workshop in a poetic observation, story or song, combining my artistic skills with my experience in organizational development to create moments that matter.

How (online webinars)

Read more about this service here

How (live events)

  • Solo or together with (a part of) the audience or other musicians
  • Made and executed on site, with or without the collaboration of other musicians
  • I adjust existing songs and compose new songs.
  • If relevant, I work with visual reporters (audiovisual - graphic) to streamline reporting


A good start 

My first concern is to discuss your event. What would you like to achieve? Who is the target audience? Am I the right person in the right place?

Focussed Presence

I am 100 percent present. With head, heart and hands. Before, during and afterwards to ensure a good follow-up.

Original content

In a participatory way

I like to work with the organisers and artists who participate in the event. In poetic observations I always look for ways to involve everyone, in the creation and in the execution!

Loving the stage

I enjoy performing on stage, for small or large groups, it doesn't matter!

A meaningful whole

I write poetry, songs and stories, I play, I sing, I film and edit and I have an eye for layout and graphic design. I can combine all this into a meaningful whole.


Playing is a skill we all too often forget. I will always be sincere. I may not always be serious. Laughter is a good sign: it means that we have released something, encountered something else, stepped out of our comfort zone. So: fun guaranteed!

Speaking 4 languages

I write fluently in Flemish/Dutch, French and English. I can also easily combine languages. I do not write in German, but I do speak it and can therefore involve a German-speaking audience.


For me this means walking the talk, being respectful, direct, effective and transparent, and continuously evolving and learning in my field.

A broad network

If I need a colleague's complementary skills, if I don't have the time, or if I just think someone else is better suited than me to do the job, I have a wide network of professionals that I can recommend.


I make sure that the result is ultimately what you need. I will provide you with the binding texts and questions for presentation and moderation in advance so that we can fine-tune them together. I provide poetic observations on site and I can also support you in creating beautiful documents to share after the event.

A little bit of magic

Not everything can be explained in words...

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