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Kristin Verellen

Kristin Verellen – Peel The Onion founder – is coach, trainer, consultant, proces facilitator, systemic constellator and psychotherapist with hands-on business and leadership experience.

Her passion is the systemic development of individuals, teams, organisations and brands, and their interplay.

She is an expert in out-of-the-box creativity, co-creative group conversations, change facilitation, brand strategy, stakeholder engagement, executive and leadership coaching, systemic constellations, and relational gestalt therapy.

Her approach is integrative, experiential and creative.  She stimulates growth by connecting and energising the existing human dynamics.  So she brings values alive by engaging the full potential of people and their relationships in changing contexts. Creating the frame (participative group dynamics and thrust in creative and change processes) and sharpening the content (from ideas to strategy, communication, action and results).

Kristin has an experience of 2 decades in a wide range of national and international organisations, profit and non profit.

She switches fluently between Dutch, English, French and Italian, and happily travels through different cultures.

With Peel The Onion she is a dedicated partner for her business clients.  For complex assignments a team of specialists is formed, based on thrust, talent and motivation.

In her private practice on the outskirts of Brussels she offers a resourceful space for coaching, psychotherapy and constellations.

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