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Simoon Fransen

Exploring pathways to cultural transformation

Until 2013, worked as an employee:

(1) City of Oss, NL: During the 12 years that I worked for the local Government as a project-leader Innovation, I guided the city of Oss and their partner-organizations through change-processes (from participatory cost-cutting to deep cultural transformation). In that time I also built the first Future Center for our local government, trained hundreds of people in Creative thinking, facilitating change & Theory U and published 3 books, latest Creativity for Government.

(2) School for the Future, NL: Redesigned School for the Future based on Theory U.


I would describe my work as: I am a facilitator of change in the field of sustainable innovation, mainly in public sector.
Next to working with clients I am involved in many other things that I am passionate about.

  • Board-member Way of Nature Netherlands (John Milton)
  • Leadership-team Future Center Alliance
  • Making movies:
  • Business-partner Futour (Integrating Theory U in MBA programs in Italy & Finland)
  • Partner #HubBrabant
  • Voluntary work in education: designing new methodology (how can we integrate mindfulness in the system to increase wisdom and quality)
  • Global Leadership TV (launching July)
  • Co-creating International Yogaday NL

In my personal life, my passions are: my family, reading, playing music on the accordion, daily yoga/qigong, and my “farm”: horses, cats, dogs, rats …..

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