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I often think of people as forests, rather than trees. One person can hold so many stories. I guess you could call me one of those ‘Slashes’: people who pursue multiple careers or vocations simultaneously. So let me introduce myself to you. In many different ways. A mosaic of words, images, projects, … I leave it up to you to find the entrance that resonates with your story 🙂  

image: Hans Stockmans

A short biography

Stien (1974) is a Brussels-based facilitator, writer, musician and theatre maker. She has been training and facilitating groups since 1996 and has a background in linguistics, theatre science, communication and creativity. Her current work in organisations focusses on leadership, collaboration, change and conflict. She also uses her artistic skills to create memorable feedback moments during events and writes stories to support learning or mark milestones.

As a ceremony guide she creates rituals for (private) special events. She writes, performs and directs theatre plays, always looking for ways to combine this with a societal project. She writes songs and she sings. She co-founded the theatre company Cie Tisserin a.s.b.l. as well as the civil movement Circles – We have the choice.

Flemish (Dutch) is her mother tongue, She is fluent in French and English and she stands her ground in German.    

My partner Stéphane Brodzki and I created Cie Tisserin in July 2015. Our first goal is to create and support artistic projects, privileging experimentation and exploring the social and cultural dimension. We also regularly organise Sunday afternoon concerts and theatre shows in our loft-living room in Schaarbeek. Our next theatre project: the re-creation of the theatre play Silence Complice, in collaboration with Art2Work.

The lady in red on this picture is me guiding a birth ceremony. A beautiful ritual co-created with Linda Corstjens. So far I have guided 3 wedding rituals, 2 birth ceremonies and a 30 year anniversary. More is on the way, stay tuned.

This is me during a course on Clowning at the Studio Mickael Chekhov in Brussels in 2018. An incredibly enriching experience, to be continued! 

One of the most beautiful compliments I ever received came from my (then 19 year old) godchild Floor: Auntie Stientje, I don’t know anyone who can look at things from another perspective better than you! Very proud to be her godmother. 

Me and my partner Stéphane at the Studio Mickael Chekhov, lead by Nathalie Yalon, a great teacher with the most wonderful spirit.

My next performance on stage will include this little guy: I am writing a musical monologue, with the ukulele as my partner in crime. The story of a young woman breaking out of the prison of words and (family) stories. Expect a lot of laughter and some emotional moments. 🙂 Performance date: May/June 2019. 

I am the co-founder of, a voluntary citizens’ initiative by Kristin Verellen – who lost her life partner in the attacks of Maelbeek on 22 March 2016 – and a circle of friends. In a world where harshness, polarization, extremism, blind violence and terror lead to traumatizing situations, we want to build a culture of inclusive togetherness inclusion and dialogue. This is a picture of a Circle I hosted in 2018. 

A poetic observation I wrote during a workshop on Reinventing Organisations in 2016 made its way to the window of Tweeperenboom in Winksele.

Aren’t we all poets

What else does a poet do
than gathering the courage to begin,
to choose from a well of words
carefully placing them
around an open space
– not too little, not too many –
silently watching
for meaning to emerge
dare we say magically,
between the lines,
reinventing herself
along the way.

Aren’t we all poets
patiently creating space
for a transformation
that wants to happen anyway?

Another workshop at the Studio Mickael Chekhov in Brussels, with master teacher Leonard Petit. Amazing man, amazing experience. 

I like to wake up each morning and not know what I think, that I may reinvent myself in some way
Stephen Fry

These are two videos I made for songs that I wrote together with my stepdaughter. In the meanwhile we have 4 songs and more coming up! 

With this happy bunch I co-created Aline, een tragiekomedie over keihard kijken maar niemand zien. In 2017-2018 we were artists in residence at Zinnema (Anderlecht). I wrote and directed the play, they were brilliant, from day one of the rehursal process until the last day on stage. 

My background

My previous working experience includes being a language trainer, a PR officer in an international arts festival, a translater and copywriter, a consultant at the Belgian Post, a coach for entrepreneurs, a facilitator of brainstorms and multi-stakeholder processes and a trainer in participative and co-creative methods. After 6 years of employment, I began working as a freelancer in 2004 and I set up my company Ziraffa in 2007.

My studies

I have a Master in Linguistics and a Postgraduate in Theatre Science, and I have completed numerous continuing education classes. trainings, seminars, intervision- and exchange days on Solution Focussed Communication & Approaches, Creativity & Brainstorm Techniques, Project & Process Management, Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter, Multi-party Conflict Mediation, Group Dynamics, Theory U, Deep Democracy, Spiral Dynamics, Open Space Technology, Future Search, Change Journey Facilitation, Graphic Facilitation & Harvesting, Embodied Facilitation, Systemic Constellations, Mindfulness, Intuitive Intelligence, Advaita Vedanta, Human Design, Rituals and Ceremony, Singing, Declamation, Directing, Performing, Clowning, Storytelling & Presentation.

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