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‘You should be on the radio’. That is the feedback I get very regularly after presentations and ceremonies. That’s why I embark on new adventures and offer myself as a voice-over.

Do you have an inspired audio (visual) project in the pipeline, and are you looking for a voice-over to complete it? With my background as a theater maker, storyteller and singer, I fully empathise with your message and convey it with conviction.

Words that people use to describe my voice: lively, involved, calming, empathic, direct, guiding, accompanying, sultry.

I have my own home studio and can also record externally if desired. My native language is Dutch (Flemish), I also speak fluent English and French (with a slight accent).

Discover my voice in this short corporate movie promoting the work of international speaker Cyriel Kortleven. 

Since this is a brand new arrow in my quiver, I charge launch prices until further notice. I gain experience and you receive a professional recording at an attractive rate: a great win-win! Feel free to contact me for more information.

The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.

Arvo Partcomponist

Very pleased with the collaboration with Stien. She did the voiceover for a promotional video of mine and very satisfied with her professional, pleasant voice. She also helps with writing and fine-tuning the text as well as editing the video, and is very flexible and perfectionist (in the positive sense of the word).

Cyriel Kortleven
International speaker on the Change Mindset

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