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Concerts by STI.LL are connecting, soothing and heartwarming: poetic binding texts and beautiful covers complete the picture. Ideal for intimate settings, living rooms, cultural centers,...

With Stien Michiels (vocals and recitation), Pat Van Kerckhove (piano, bandoneon), Bert Candries (guitar, bass, ukulele) and Renke Van Impe (cello, double bass, backing vocals)

STI.LL stands for silence. Still life. STI(en). Listening. Life and Love. Or maybe also for Long Legs 😉 

Whatever the case may be, Stien is a natural storyteller. She writes warm and hopeful songs to reflect on, little lights in the dark that touch and connect.

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Crack it Open

Crack it Open is STI.LL's first album, 12 songs in Dutch, English and French, written and sung by Stien and taken to a higher level by the top musicians around her. An eclectic and at the same time harmonious ensemble of ballads and chansons. Each and every one of them songs about recognisable themes, with music that is touching in its simplicity and a warm voice that goes straight to the heart.

Mag het even stil: clip and song for Christmas & New Year 2021

Le grand Silence: clip and song with translation to English

Le grand Silence: clip and song with translation to Dutch

Anders dit jaar: clip and song for Christmas & New Year 2020

Brief aan een vriendin: clip and song for Anneke & Ilse

Radio Gaga: the story behind Brief aan een vriendin

Beginning of March 2021 I launched a warm call to support STI.LL and thus touch more people with my lyrics and music - a mix of songs in Dutch, French and English, laced with poetry.

Because to make this album I need the help of professional musicians. In these difficult times for the cultural sector, I want to be able to compensate the musicians I work with.

The crowdfunding campaign was a huge succes. I am immensely grateful for all the support I received. Financially and also the moral support and encouragement. Many thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart!

Even if

Even if I was all alone,
even if you couldn’t hear me
or didn’t give a damn,
I would sing.
I would sing a song of praise
for you and your spirit.
I would let every sound
soak in a bath of truth
and kiss it so abundantly
that you would feel its warm embrace
from afar. E-ve-ry Sound.
I would whisper to you like a river,
a free flowing mirror asking you 
to fall in love with yourself
all over again,
I would speak to you like a tree,
a force of nature, urging you
to stop destroying and start enjoying
the tender, feeling, fierce and frivolous wonder 
of bones, tissue and thoughts that you are.
I would reach out to you like fire,
bright and wild, fearlessly
bringing light to the shadows
you’re so desperately trying to hide.
I would tell you about 
the heartbreak of loss, 
of separation,
of empty chairs.
And then I would start laughing
laughing, laughing, 
until you get the joke,
and feel as relieved as I do:
you and me, we are not alone.
We are one.

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