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image: Hans Stockmans

Facilitator, ceremony guide, trainer, presenter, writer, poet, theatre maker, performer, voice-over, singer-songwriter

The power of gathering

Let's co-create an unforgettable experience.
Let's aim for beauty, soul, growth.
For eyes that sparkle, for truly feeling seen.
For a deep trust that we can be ourselves in connection with others.
With depth and humor. With head, heart, guts and hands. In person and online.

You organise a ceremony for family and/or friends, a cultural event or a training in your organisation. You want to turn it into a beautiful, meaningful, memorable, uplifting experience. That's why you're looking for a vibrant sparring partner, creative interventions that wake up and inspire, professional hosting and harvesting.
Or maybe you want to reach out to a group of people with an audio(visual) message, and you're looking for a voice-over who can convey your spirit and story convincingly. 

You've come to the right place. As a creative jack-of-all-trades, uplifting people through powerful gatherings is not only my profession, it is also my passion.
Imagine a group in which people do not fixate themselves and each other, but are privileged witnesses of each other's evolving talents and humanity. Where honest mirrors do not break the other, but encourage and help them grow in consciousness. Where the 'I' feels seen and appreciated and the 'we' can make a difference in the world today. Maybe this is not your reality right now. Or not everywhere. In the course of my life I have also seen more than once how groups make individuals smaller. Or conversely, how certain people can negatively influence a group. A sometimes hard, but perfect learning experience that has brought me on this fascinating path and that stimulates me day after day to do this work. As do the fantastic groups that I get to be a part of.

To support you I combine my artistic and creative practice with over 20 years of experience in working with groups and organising  group processes in a myriad of contexts, from workshops and participatory leadership  events in organisations to theatre productions, from guiding ceremonies to directing and presenting events. 

A wide range of offerings, and that is exactly what makes it so powerful: because of the diversity of skills and experience that I can draw from, I come up with refreshing combinations. On top of that I adapt easily to different situations and contexts.

I would love to be your sparring partner.
To aim for healthy cohesion and co-create a warm, open and safe atmosphere in which we can all be our own genius selves, where wisdom, inspiration, laughter and tears can flow freely, where we feel connected, where our spirit feels alive and kicking and in which we can grow, as an individual, as a group, as humanity. 

Inviting you, myself and others to transcend ourselves and our circumstances, and let our unique spirit shine through, in whatever way we can. Because life shows me again and again, in all its splendour and pain, that all of us are a creative part of the whole. And a world created by awake, inspired people is so infinitely more beautiful.

Let's co-create that world. Starting with a simple conversation about what it is you would like to do. Here your will find my contact details. I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

“If we want the world to change, the healing of culture and greater balance in nature, it has to start inside the human soul.” 
Michael J. Meadeauthor, mythologist, storyteller



poetic observations


ceremony guide
tailored text
tailored song


participatory leadership
learning journeys
listening circles


corporate movies
audio books



A song tailored for your team, clowning as part of a leadership journey, a listening circle during a theater project, ...? I love nothing more than combining in unexpected ways. Also languages: I work in English, Dutch, French and can even add in some German if needed.

"Whatever the burdens we bring, whether we are lucky in life or not, Stien listens, opens her heart, lets creativity flow and creates, with as much humor as energy, a safe, warm environment in which every individual can transcend themselves and shine as an indispensable facet of a collective diamond."

Karel Vermassen
Participant Project


Stien Michiels

What does "spirit" mean to me, you ask? Years ago we were travelling in the US and visited Las Vegas. The first night we walked on 'The Strip', we were amazed and overwhelmed by all the visual stimuli. The following morning, in the harsh sunlight of the desert, reality looked very different. I remember very well that one moment when I deeply took in a detail in the exuberant decor. Finished to perfection, yes. But soulless. Empty. So empty it hurt. My travel companion saw my tears. He understood silently. That afternoon we traveled on.

Something inside of us knows all too well when spirit is missing. We also know it when we come into contact with true spirit. She invites you to open, to listen. Not only with your ears, but 'listening' with every cell of your body.

That is why I say: inspired creation starts with listening. A poem. A song. A play. Leadership.
Everything starts with opening to what presents itself, without judgment. Letting the information come in through all your senses. I feel there are more than five of those. Call it a feeling or intuition, it doesn't matter. I only know that I lose valuable input when I shut down.

And yes, often my heart closes.
Out of fear or displeasure.
Because life hurts. Because the world is in the state that it is. Because I want to be right, even with the best intentions.

Setbacks, difficulties, imagined and real mountains, they always ask me to choose. Do I break open my heart - because at such moments it feels like breaking - or do I shut it down?

It may take a while, but eventually I see myself returning to the white sheet, patiently waiting to welcome what wants to emerge. Also a void, but of a completely different order.

How do you do that, they ask me, those instant poetic observations? I have no other formula than the simplicity of listening. To the words and the silences, and then to my fingers, which seem to lead their own lives. I mostly just need to stay  out 0f their way. Just create the conditions in which they can do their thing.

Which brings me back to leadership. Leading our lives. Leading a ceremony, leading a team. Directing. Awakening spirit in collaborators, actors, ceremony guests, workshop participants. Time and time again I see it happen: when we really start listening, spirit shows itself automatically.

So yes, if you ask me: uplifting people and awakening their spirit starts by listening ...

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